The Elevator Emergency Communication
Code Change Is Here

The ASME A17.1 2019 as adopted by Appendix K in New York City, and IBC 2018 elevator codes requires all new elevators and modernizations to have 2-way audio, 2-way text messaging and 1-way video in every elevator.

MosaicONE Video & Messaging System (VMS) is the complete solution for elevator emergency communications. Adding Video and Text Messaging capabilities to the traditional audio communication, VMS delivers code compliance with minimal effort. We provide a fast and easy install to get your building up and running quick and hassle-free

  • ASME A17.1 2019 Code Compliant System
  • 2-way Voice & Text messaging and 1-way Video
  • Our flexible system works with:
  • Any Phone
  • Any Elevator Contractor
  • Any Monitoring Centre
  • Any Controller
  • PI & Digital Signage / Infotainment included on the same screen
  • Call video & message back-up recordings
  • Integration of cameras into building security

How It Works

First, passengers speak to a live operator through the elevator phone. But if the passengers don't answer, MosaicONE provides the operator with a real time live view into the elevator cab.

The operator can confirm at a glance whether the elevator is occupied, or hang up confidently knowing it was an accidental call.

If passenger is present but not responding, using MosaicONE VMS, the operator can try to engage by typing messages onto a digital signage screen in the car.

The passenger can then use the door open/close buttons to answer yes/no questions.

Simple Solutions.

  • Fully code compliant system.
  • Easily add and manage building announcements to your screen with the click of a button.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation to get your building up and running quickly and hassle-free.
  • Constantly improving system with easy troubleshooting solutions.
  • Onsite Monitopring options allow the user to view live HD Video of all elevators and interact via touchscreen (or dedicated computer) to address a situation quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Security.

  • Non-Proprietary and compatible with any intercom/phone system, controller, contractor, or monitoring station. Flexibility to choose today and in the future.
  • Audited regularly by 3rd party Cyber Security Consultants to keep the system up to date with the latest CS standards. A+ ratings from Security Scorecard, SSL Labs, and OSWAP top 10.

Superior Value.

  • All components have gone through comprehensive testing (including environmental) to confirm compatibility, functionality, and long term reliability.
  • Our dedicated team continuously works on improvements, security updates, and regular network maintenance.
  • MosaicONE VMS goes beyond compliance and offers add-on products such as Security Video Backup, elevator Usage Stats, and Call Recording.

What's Included

  • Elev8 Infotainment and Position Indicator that work with your VMS displays.
  • Security cameras that easily integrate into your bulding.
  • Call video & message backup recordings
  • Peace of mind with the most secure system on the market.

Get more out of your elevator screen

With Elev8, the days of pinning building notices to the corkboard are over!

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Schedule notices in advance
  • Entertaining content to keep residents engaged
  • No subscription fees

The elev8 service and premium content is available on any connected MAD Matisse screen.

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