MosaicONE Platform

One software to manage all devices

The MosaicONE Platform is a secure, cloud-native system that allows users from any location to monitor and manage their networked devices from MAD Elevator.

Building managers, contractors and monitoring personnel can all benefit from the multiple solutions offered all in one platform.

Ellies 2023 win for Best Supplier - Software

MosaicONE Themes Page

Digital Signage

The easy-to-use Digital Signage online theme editor help users create dynamic displays with building updates, news and weather alerts or any other content you wish to display in your elevator. Make updates in real-time, or schedule them in advance – all from one browser login.

Key Features

  • Time & Weather
  • News, Stocks & RSS Feeds
  • Pictures & Video
  • Fully customizable themes
  • Schedule displays in advance
  • Position Indicator
  • Per-Floor Messaging


User Content Created in MosaicONE Theme Editor

Take advantage of our Design Services team who can help you design and publish themes and updates on your behalf.

Video & Messaging System

Developed with IBC 2018 & A17.1/B44 2019 code compliance in mind, MosaicONE offers a Video & Messaging System (VMS) that allows building managers and monitoring stations the ability to see inside their elevator interior and communicate with its passengers via text, audio and video.

Available as a standalone feature or as part of MosaicONE, VMS enables monitoring stations to quickly distinguish between the accidental push of an elevators’ call button and a genuine emergency. The limitations of voice-only communication pose significant challenges to the hearing or speech impaired and MosaicONE’s VMS system is designed to overcome those challenges.

Key Features

  • Works with any controller, any phone, any contractor and any call center
  • Complete system: no additional components needed
  • Ready to use after connecting to power & network
  • Closed firewall and encrypted communications
  • Battery backup ensures 4 hours of functionality in the event of a power failure
  • System access from local FCC panel and remote monitoring centers

Cloud Video Backup

MosaicONE Cloud Video Backup lets uses access recordings from previous weeks without installing traditional fully wired security system hardware and software. Users can simply access, download and share the specific footage they require on demand. Whether you are out of the office or out of the country, rest assured that you always have access.

Key Features

  • Low-cost video backup
  • Fully encrypted & Secure
  • Access footage from specific dates/times on-demand
  • Never worry about lost or damaged footage


With MosaicONE Auto-Alert feature, building owners and elevator contractors will receive an e-mail notifying them of any network, hardware or communications events that may occur in a building they manage or service. Building managers can now be proactive and address issues before a tenant notices. Auto-Alert delivers the information to you without having to log into any additional systems or apps, informing you what you need to know when you need to know it.

Key Features

  • E-mail notifications of network, hardware or communication changes
  • Get notified of emergencies in real-time
  • Saves time and site visits
  • Streamlined communication