Fixtures, Interiors, and Digital Technology
combined for a truly immersive experience

Introducing our high-definition (HD) MatissePanorama Video Wall, composed of multiple screens in various sizes and orientations. The immersive video wall is installed inside an elevator and interfaces with the controller, allowing full interaction between the display with real-time travel position to drive content.

“The end result: a fully immersive experience built around the passenger,”

Customers use MosaicONE digital signage software to create and schedule content that provides a distinct, impactful passenger experience, in turn enhancing elevator usability. Flexible layouts are available, including a display on up to three screens on a single wall or wraparound for three walls.

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Engineered and manufactured to customer specifications, the video wall also has:

  • RSS feed capability for weather, news and social media
  • Full, commercial HD screens
  • Proprietary interface between the elevator and controller allowing for emergency messages and floor information
  • Multiple arrangements with single, double or three screens on one or multiple walls
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