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Elevator fixtures have the biggest impact on your passengers’ riding experience.
More than just an interface, fixtures have become an accent piece to the cab interior finish.
Don't settle on the ordinary... expect more.

Car Operating Panels

  • Dover Impulse Retrofit replacements.
  • Camera available on emergency communications projects.
  • Destination Dispatch.
  • Contemporary glass COP available
  • SS#4, titanium brass, and blackened stainless materials available.
  • Range of options to accomodate any job.
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Hall Fixtures

Flush Mount

G2 Surface Mount

  • Flush and Surface mount Hall Stations and Hall Lanterns available.
  • Hall Stations available with MAD Fixtures pushbuttons.
  • SA-130, ADA, Round, Vandal Resistant Arrows, or Vision Series (Acrylic or Glass).
    Digital TFT position indicators can also be included.
    Puck Replacement available for lantern arrows.
  • Available in #4, #8 Stainless Steel, #4, #8 Bronze, Oil Rubbed, and Blackened Stainless.
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Position Indicators & Digital Signage

Matisse Display Shown

  • Position Indicator, Digital Signage, and Emergency Communication all on one screen.
  • MosaicONE customizable content (News, Announcements, Time & Date, Weather, Pictures & Video support).
  • Large format (Altus) also available.
  • High resolution display
  • Range of screen sizes to fit any job.
  • Per-Floor Messaging.
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  • Available in 15" and 21" displays
  • Fully customizable display
    Add brand elements and seasonal graphics for a display that is truly unique to your building
  • MosaicONE widgets and notice boards to keep your passengers up-to-date with events.
  • Building highlights and wayfinding options available.
  • More buttons in a smaller space
  • Operated by finger-touch and with a gloved or covered hand.
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Touchless Fixtures

Sherman Touchless

  • Dual Technology: Electromechanical contact (activated by push) and proximity sensor.
  • Eliminates transferring germs through touched surfaces.
  • Perfect retrofit product for DMG/MAD pushbuttons
  • LED illumination available in white

PHANTOM - Touchless Sensor

  • Touch-free - reduce the risk of germ transfer.
  • 11.5"H x 10.5"W touch area.
  • Works with most elevator pushbuttons.
  • Easy Installation.
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  • Vandal-resistant options to protect against water, dust, and impact damage.
  • Stainless Steel or PVD BRass, non-tarnishing finish.
  • Average lifetime of 1,500,000 activations
  • Studless Mounting.
  • Bar buttons available
  • LED illumination available in Red, Green, Blue, and White
    (on most pushbutton series).
  • May be paired with a large selection of braille tags to combine aesthetics and accessibility.
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Design Your Passenger Experience

Hall and COP Configurations!

  • 1,300+ pushbutton combinations
  • 33,000+ Hall Station/Hall Lantern combinations
  • 230,000,000+ COP combinations
  • e-mail selections for your records
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